Apply For Credit at Surgenor Auto Credit in Ottawa


Applying for credit has been made easy at Surgenor Auto Credit. Not only is the actual process itself quick and efficient thanks to our experienced team and dealership process, but you can get everything started from the comfort of your own home with our online approval methods. Start down the path of financing your next vehicle with the tool and credit form on this page, only requiring some basic information from you before we get in touch and get you approved for a car loan. We can help you apply for credit no matter your background or situation, alongside a skilled team outfitted with connections to many lenders to secure you a fantastic loan interest rate.

Credit Application


Get Approved, Even with Bad or No Credit

We specialize in helping those with bad credit get back on the right path and improve their credit situation through the excellent route of financing a vehicle. Bad credit can occur through a variety of means, whether divorce, bankruptcy, late payments, debt overload or more, and while all are tough situations, they’re by no means permanent. Our skilled team has decades of experience working with customers just like you, assisting them toward a recovered credit score through vehicle financing. While we focus on bad credit, we can help if you have any kind of credit, or even no credit at all. If you don’t think you qualify, our Surgenor Auto Credit team is here to change that.

Long-Tenured Lender Relationships, at Great Interest Rates

Being in the automotive financing industry for so long has afforded us many advantages that go a long way in helping you get an exceptional car loan. Not only has our team gathered experience and knowledge throughout a variety of situations and customer backgrounds, but we’ve also fostered good relationships with lots of the top bank and financial institution lenders in the area. That means that we focus our process around serving you 1-on-1 with a skilled sales manager, and tend to get approvals quicker than other dealerships thanks to our deep-rooted lender connections. All of our financial solutions are affordable, working between a low 8-13% interest rate range that will work to accommodate your needs.

You can easily apply for credit online with us, all thanks to our credit application tool. Just click through and fill out the information to get started, then one of our financial specialists will be in touch regarding the next steps, and to get you approved. If you don’t feel like waiting that short amount of time, you can contact us directly and we’ll get the ball rolling toward your credit approval immediately.

Long-Tenured Lender Relationships, at Great Interest Rates