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People have various opinions about buying used, some understand its many benefits whereas many quickly eschew it to the side in favour of new options, but without quite understanding the many advantages that come with this method of purchase. We here at Surgenor Auto Credit thought we’d state it plain and easy all the ways that buying used is the superior choice when shopping for your next vehicle. Read on with us below as we outline the top 5 advantages of buying a used vehicle.

Cheap Cost

This is the obvious one, and really can make it an easy decision to choose used just off it alone. Have you seen the price of new vehicles lately? Their prices even on base-level trims and before any upgrades are incredibly high, while on the other side of things you can get a used vehicle on a recent model year and a high-level trim for the fraction of the price of new. Buying used is the cost-effective choice with a vehicle at a much lower price.

Stay Within Your Budget

Building off our first point, buying used, with its lower price points, much easily allows you to stay on budget. It can be easy to succumb to the latest and greatest of new vehicle features and upgrades, quickly stretching your price tag past what you can reasonably afford. Buying used helps keep you in a more concentrated price range, and with a wide range of options, you can purchase with your money.

Get the Exact Model You Want

Thanks to many troubles facing the automotive industry currently, it may be hard to actually find the exact new model you want, and you may be waiting months for that exact new model to be ordered in. Buying used gives you a selection of vehicles that already exist, and cover a wide variety of model types, years, brands and more. Maybe you don’t like the new upgraded exterior of the latest SUV, or you preferred the interior of a certain sedan before they changed it. Buying used lets you find the exact model you want, even if a few years old.

Avoid Major Depreciation & Easily Upgrade

As soon as you drive your new vehicle off the lot it suffers its greatest portion of depreciation, losing some of its value immediately. Sure, used vehicles depreciate as well, but it’s at a much slower rate. And, by buying it used, you avoid experiencing that first drop in depreciation. Thus, you can still keep that new-to-you used vehicle in terrific shape, then sell it for a solid value, and upgrade once again by retaining more of your money than possibly you could’ve through the same situation with a new vehicle.

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Variety of Options

When you shop for a new vehicle you’re most likely stuck with one brand in front of you at any given dealership. Sure, you can shop around from place to place, but that’s a lot of time and effort to bounce around and where each dealership may focus on only certain model types, or have either traditional or luxury, you may be severely limited. A used dealership, on the other hand, features a wide range of options across different model types, status, brand and more, all in front of you at once.

Buy Used at Surgenor Auto Credit

Are you ready to take advantage of the many benefits that come with used vehicle shopping? If so, our team here at Surgenor Auto Credit would love to assist. You can get approved now and easily start your journey toward your next used vehicle. Contact us, today, to begin.